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Aside the Woolly Alder Aphids,

Amidst the maple dew

The lacewinged fairies hid

Harvesting honey to

The carefully concealed hall

Behind the Fairy Falls.

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©Katy L Patterson Phelps 2022


Pay the mortgage

pay the bills

Buy the light

Refill your pills

To hell with polite

Pay the devil his due

Hey! Wicked!

No rest for you.


Wipe the counters smear

the mirror

Chase the mud

Stop the blood

Clean the dog shit

off the floor

Wipe your tears

Oh look! There’s more!


Wash the clothes,

clean the dishes

Bathe that dog

Drain your wishes

Wash your hands of


Scrub your thoughts



Paint your heart,

cover your face

Hide the flaws

Brush and paste

Color your feelings

A palette of bright

Paint your walls!

They’re peeling!

New day, same fight


Late for work,

hustle to practice

Hurry home,

fight the masses

Rush to cook,

burn the meal

Kids are irked

Too bad, just deal

Hustle, hustle

to your grave

Good job, clock slave!


Over worked and


Over T.I.R.E.D….

And damnit:

never laid


Below the belt,

below the bar

Effing over being


Where’s the line?

Where’s my wine?


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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

©Katy L Patterson Phelps 2022

I sail a sideways pirate ship

With azurine moon sails

She's broadside, yeah, but doesn't tip

Fighting every swale.

Crewed by Calico Jackies

Who'll mutiny at will

The air is always salty

We use our curses well.

The deck is covered in clutter

I threaten to jettison

The galley is usually sticky

What the hell did I just step on?

The yards are covered in clothing

A treasure horde I swear

Yet the Jackies are complaining

They've never a thing to wear.

But, chortles pair the curse words

Laughter sings like birds

On my sideways corsair craft,

And The Azurine keeps sailing

on our choppy winding path.

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