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My Sideways Pirate Ship

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

©Katy L Patterson Phelps 2022

I sail a sideways pirate ship

With azurine moon sails

She's broadside, yeah, but doesn't tip

Fighting every swale.

Crewed by Calico Jackies

Who'll mutiny at will

The air is always salty

We use our curses well.

The deck is covered in clutter

I threaten to jettison

The galley is usually sticky

What the hell did I just step on?

The yards are covered in clothing

A treasure horde I swear

Yet the Jackies are complaining

They've never a thing to wear.

But, chortles pair the curse words

Laughter sings like birds

On my sideways corsair craft,

And The Azurine keeps sailing

on our choppy winding path.

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